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ColorIt Reflective Cloth


Increased fruit color and increased value
When used as a pre-harvest ground cover, ColorIt reflective cloth significantly increases fruit color coverage without affecting the fruit’s internal maturity characteristics. This means that ColorIt reflective cloth: 
  • Increases marketable yield by ensuring more of your crop meets pack-house color specifications
  • Increases the proportion of the crop achieving higher fruit color grades – which means higher fruit value and higher pack-outs
  • Reduces the harvest interval so that more fruit is harvested early, with better storage ability
  • Improves overall quality because more fruit is picked in better condition.

ColorIt reflective cloth is made from durable fabric. During manufacture, it is impregnated with an ultra violet light protectant to increase its longevity. An improved fastening system, the GatorClip, has been developed to speed up installation, repositioning and removal, to provide stability when the wind blows and prevent tractor tire punctures.


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  • Material: Woven polypropylene tape
  • Color: Impregnated to provide optimal light reflection
  • Weight: 130gsm
  • Widths: 8.2ft (2.5m), 10ft (3m), 11.5ft (3.5m), 13ft (4m)
  • Lengths: 328ft (100m), 1640ft (500m) rolls
  • Water permeable
  • UV stabilized
  • ColorIt accessories
  • GatorClip and hook with bungee complete: Bundles of 10
  • GatorClip (nylon): Packets of 100
  • Hook (nylon): Packets of 100
  • Bungee cord: 5/16 in (8mm) coils of 328ft (100 mtr)
  • Recommended spacing: 20ft (6 mtr) intervals
  • ColorIt Reflective Cloth Field Trial – View PDF


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