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No cloth damage and no tractor tire punctures
GatorClip is an incredibly easy-to-use fastening system which offers several advantages over conventional steel hooks.

GatorClip holds reflective cloth securely without tearing. Its powerful, spring-tensioned jaws will hold firm even in windy conditions, yet it can be easily removed or repositioned if required.

GatorClip reduces damage to reflective cloth, does not tangle and, unlike steel fasteners, is not a hazard to tractor and vehicle tires.

Switch to the friendlier fastener:
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • UV resistant, high quality molded nylon
  • Strong 5/16 inch (8mm) bungee cord
  • Fully adjustable at both ends


Available as follows:
  • Gator clip only: packs of 100
  • Gator hooks only: packs of 100
  • Complete assemblies (Clip, hook and bungee cord): packs of 10


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