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The wonder down under: 25% more reflective than white fabric
SLVRLining can significantly lift orchard profitability by increasing three things top growers strive for:


Quality crop picked for market, not juice
High color grades in the packout
Crop picked early in the harvest interval


While standard reflective cloth is an effective method of increasing color on red apple varieties, Proline have targeted the need to maximize returns from high value crops.

SLVRLining has been proven to be more effective than standard reflective cloth. It is particularly suitable for use with cherries and high value red apple varieties, to bring forward the harvest date, promote size and enhance color.


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  • Material: Woven pigmented (white) polypropylene and metalized polypropylene tape
  • Color: Mixture of white and silver providing maximum reflectivity
  • Weight: 130gsm
  • Roll length: 328ft (100m) or 1640ft (500m)
  • Widths: 8.2ft (2.5m), 10ft (3m), 11.5ft (3.5m), 13ft (4m)
  • Water permeable
  • UV stabilized


SLVRLining accessories:
  • GatorClip and hook with bungee complete: Bundles of 10
  • GatorClip (nylon): Packets of 100
  • Hook (nylon): Packets of 100
  • Bungee cord: 5/16 in (8mm) coils of 328ft (100m)
  • Recommended spacing: 20ft intervals


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